Theresa's Garden of Swaps

Plant, bulb, seed exchange/swaps

Who We Are

My hubby Allen and  me, Theresa, have been gardening all our lives.  A decade ago we created an online garden group,  Garden Friends and have, over the years created lots of fun activities for gardeners all over the world.  Some of them include unusual seed swaps, spring and fall bulb and plant swaps and in person meet and greets at our home here in Michigan.  A couple years ago we created our online group . Bulbswaps after the first swap went so well. You are invited to join both of these groups if you wish.  The more the merrier.  Garden Friends is a mixture of both, gardens and friends, we share tips about gardening and also friendship.  Therefore if you are looking for a hardcore garden group, that is not the one for you.

Bulbswaps was created to keep track of the bulb swaps......and is a good way to follow along as the swaps progress

Allen and I enjoy many forms of gardening including raised bed gardening, companion gardening, square foot gardening, ponds/water features, perennials, veggies, unusual annuals, gardening with children, (after all they are the future of gardening), seed starting indoors, greenhouse, concrete art, and of course pushing the plant zones to the limit!

If you are reading this you are probably contemplating or are already participating in the most recent garden activity we are offering.

Thanks for your participation/interest in our group.

Feel free to contact me at any time at

Have a great gardening day!